Your Legislator

Live in PA? Here's who to contact:

Ask your legislator to support bi-partisan House Bill 13 to completely eliminate PA School Property Taxes.

Visit and use the "Find My Legislator" tool (left side).

Example of what you could say on your visit/call/email:

Hi, my name is {your name}.

I live in your district. I support the elimination of school property taxes under bi-partisan House Bill 13. Please take a look, talk with the sponsor, and then ask that it be brought up for hearing. When it comes up for a vote, please represent my voice and vote YES!

{your name}

Facebook groups

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Printable 4x6 postcards

Print these PDFs on 4x6 cards
A member sent us these 4x6 to print. We thought it was a great idea to post them here!

  • Using inkjet? Ink runs when it's wet. Keep your prints dry or in a sealed bag
  • Please leave only 2 or 3 at locations you're legally permitted. Too many and the whole pile will get trashed
  • 4x6 blank card stock is available cheaply at dollar stores

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