We represent PA residents:

  • Seniors/Retirees on fixed income who face losing their fully paid home due to property taxes
  • Parents who struggle to provide for their children because of excessive property taxes or rent
  • Working class families choosing between heat and property taxes
  • Renters looking to achieve the dream of home ownership with an affordable mortgage
  • Businesses who want to start or expand a business (and create jobs) in PA
  • Democrats, Republicans, Independents who put aside our differences to eliminate the worst tax in PA
  • School board members and education personnel who want to see strong schools with sustainable/fair funding while eliminating unfunded mandates
  • ... and many more Pennsylvanians who see property taxes as unsustainable due to tax increases well beyond inflation

Who runs this site?

This site content was put together by:
  • Bi-partisans / Non-Partisans
  • Long-time property tax elimination advocates
  • Ages: Working class to retirees
This site is:
  • NOT affiliated with any political party
  • NOT affiliated with any specific politician (although we think some have better plans than others)
  • NOT funded/affiliated by a PAC
This site exists because we hope to:
  • Help PA residents learn about property tax elimination
  • Dispel misconceptions and fears about the plan
  • Combat mis-information on our robust plan for elimination
  • Bring others along on the journey of eliminating the property tax

Who is affected by the property tax?


Meet the core team

We represent a wide range of ages, political views, and locations. We've come together to eliminate the PA school property tax!
Glenn Martin

Property Tax Elimination in PA

Dedicated to Property Tax Elimination in PA and nothing less!

Ron Snell

March on Harrisburg!

Fighting for School Property Tax Elimination For All Ages

Ryan Pertusio


Dedicated to Property Tax elimination since 2015

Robert Kistler

Bipartisans for School District Property Tax Shift

Property Tax Activist since 2012

Henry Rothrock

PTCC - Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition

Administrator, PTCC PTCC-US.ORG